You have difficulty in getting a contact with local & international chain markets ?

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You can not afford to hire an Effective Key Account Executive or Representative ?

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Then,let us represent you !

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You have difficulty in getting a contact with local & international chain markets ?

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Consulting Services: 


Ayza Consulting represents Small&Medium Sized Enterprises in managing all their business development processes and yearly aggrements with International and Local chain markets in Turkey. In other words it is an outsource and undertakes the role of Key Account Management but signing authority is the enterprise. Besides , it does management consulting to the board about competition, business models and P&L Management.


In addition it deals out also as either a broker or representative for foreign suppliers that seek to start or develope business in Turkey either with chains ,distribitors or importers.



Murat Kurt served as a category manager in Metro Cash& Carry in four different categories until he lefts for DIA  the Spansih discount market in Feb 2013 where he served as Category Director of FMCG  for a couple of months until DIA is acquired by SOK, another discount market .


Sep 2013 he established the company “Ayza Consulting”. Based upon his 15 years of experience in retail and purchasing he creates a new field in retail sector and started to serve as a management consultant to small and middle sized enterprises and Representative for their Key Accounts.



Our strategy is to provide sustainable, profitable growth for our customer, reduce their cost and optimize  their performance , create value added and new market in their business and we are committed to do so by :

Developing strategies , business models and restructuring 
Bringing a professional glance with  17 years of  international retail experience
Doing  financial performance analyses

Our stategy is built on our philosophy:


Experience is the lecturer of mind as well as the guidebook of notion




Dürüstlük , kendi işin gibi sarıl , Güven ver. 


Integrity  :  Be open and real ; based on your experience plan and do what you said you can do 


Committed : Get hands on as if it is your own job ,observe , have vision and create value within cooperation with your customer.


Reliability : Do the right thing and  assume responsibility , build close relationship with our customers and their customers’.


  • Provide a professional approach in supplier-buyer communication 


  • Direct the focus point of the owner/s to core business which is production,innovation,export etc. 


  • Build reference points to suppliers which seeks to be a trade – mark 


  • %50 of cost reduction compared to a full time employee as KAM 






İçerenköy Mah.Eski Üsküdar Yolu Cad.

Şehit Cem Nuri Sk. No: 10/A


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